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Welcome to Indiana health insurance which is powered by Nefouse & Associates, INC.

We felt we would launch a site specifically for the Indiana individual/family health insurance market.

We have been providing Hoosiers with individual health and other personal health insurance online since 1999. With this amount of online experience, we have seen almost everything situation that leads to the purchase of an individual health insurance policy. 

This site is to provide you with answers to health insurance with the least amount of human interaction. We get it that you don’t want  contacted by phone or you have already made the mistake of putting your information on the web for health insurance, and now you are being bombarded. We are happy to answer any questions you may have that we don’t address on this site. 

We can provide you with a streamlined enrollment process through our broker enrollment platform. This process can save a significant amount of time vs. is going to health insurance market place.

Indiana’s individual health insurance market has collapsed with he is passing of the Affordable Care Act.  The collapsed has led to a considerable reduction in health insurance companies that offer Individual plans.

There are only two current carriers that are offering individual policies for Indiana. Both health insurance policies must be purchased through the health insurance market place.


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